Endurance Nutrition Evolved

Training by Design | taught by ReSports Wellness

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Let us take your training to the next level. Win your next race by discovering what it means to achieve that 1% improvement.
ReSports Wellness
ReSports Wellness

We are happy to introduce ourselves as RE Sports Wellness. What is RE you ask? RE is the collaboration of Dr. Melissa Shays, a Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist, along with entrepreneurs and outdoor sports addicts Julie Wood and Skye Wilson. Together we are creating a series of health and training modules that are designed to improve and maintain your athletic performance, function and balance. 

Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty (ECCD) is the vision of founder Samantha Rodgers (aka Sam) who saw an opportunity to help families get good food on the table without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Using her background in process improvement and business growth strategy combined with her obsession with good food and a voracious appetite for learning about health, wellness and nutrition, ECCD was born.